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A wide range of topics discussed by some awesome trans (including non binary) folk, hosted by Emma Frankland of None of Us is Yet a Robot


March 24th, 2016

In this episode, Emma talks about 'the binary', fluidity and dancing on building sites with Rhyannon Styles, a trans performer, musician and writer.

Rhyannon is an international performer working in Australia, America and many cities in Europe since 2005. Career highlights include being invited to perform at the Guggenheim Museum NYC for Armani, Lip-syncing to Alice Cooper whilst flying through the air at Glastonbury Festival as a vampire and staging her first solo show ‘Angel Cake’ at Camden Peoples Theatre in London.

Rhyannon is currently creating and writing music under the moniker ‘Her Sperm’ and in addition to her performance work she is also a columnist at Elle magazine. 

And she has danced with Kylie… 

You can see more at or read her column for Elle magazine here:  You can follow her on twitter @rhyannonstyles

And you can keep up to date with Emma's movements through the None of Us is Yet a Robot project at or @elbfrankland on twitter.

and our surprise guests were: 

Ryan Brown -

Stuart McKenzie -

Opening music was by Kraftwerk and Closing music by Señor Coconut y Su Conjuto

Some people and things that we mentioned in the conversation were:

Ava Vidal:

L’ecole Phillipe Gaulier:

H&M Customer Service:

And the event I mentioned was:

High Tidings: @battersea_arts  #BACBedrooms #pastysprogress

See you next time!