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A wide range of topics discussed by some awesome trans (including non binary) folk, hosted by Emma Frankland of None of Us is Yet a Robot

2.3 - e g g / b o x

June 6th, 2019

This week Emma is talking with Rosana Cade (her first returning guest - see season 1 "SAFETY MAP").

Emma and Rosana talk about the third show in the NOUIYAR project - e g g / b o x, which took place inside a giant cardboard box. They also talk about having a partner who transitions, about public perceptions and (as it was recorded in December 2018) about Christmas and Climate Change!

This season of the podcast is related to the release of None of Us is Yet a Robot the book! (Five Performances on Gender Identity and the Politics of Transition) It comes out on June 25th 2019 and you can pre-order copies here:

‘Draws on a vital history of trans performance – an emerging canon that may no longer be ignored.’ – Morgan M Page, from her foreword

If you would like to attend the book launch, tickets are available here:

You can find more about Rosana here and to support Emma's patreon follow this link:

Huge thanks to Disparition for the music, you can find more of his beautiful work

Tune in next week to see if Emma records a BONUS Canadian episode or for a conversation with Ivor MacAskill about Emma's much loved show 'Rituals for Change'.



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