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April 30th, 2016

In this episode, Emma is back in Brighton, talking with Rory Finn Smith, LGBT Liaison for Brighton & Hove Police. The conversation is about about anti-social behaviour and violence against gender transgression. About about fitness and trans sport and self-defence. About endings and about things that do not end..

Rory is the LGBT Liaison for Brighton & Hove Police and has been in post since 2012. Prior to working with the Police, Rory worked for the national trans charity, Gender Trust, and volunteered for local LGBT organisations Mindout and FTM Brighton. Rory currently runs Trans Can Sport and is the chair of the Trans Alliance Brighton. In his downtime, Rory likes to keep fit, play xbox and drink tea.

We were invited to record this episode by Pink Fringe in conjunction with The Safety Map, a project they are facilitating across the bank holiday weekend at the Marlborough Theatre. It’s an invitation to come and share experiences of anti-social behaviour in Brighton as well as spaces where we feel welcomed and celebrated. it’s the start of a larger conversation. This is FREE event. Please come and share your stories.

You can find the link below or follow it on twitter at #safetymap

And you can keep up to date with Emma's movements through the None of Us is Yet a Robot project at or @elbfrankland on twitter.

Opening music was by Kraftwerk and Closing music by Señor Coconut y Su Conjuto

Some things we mentioned in the conversation were:

The Safety Map -

Trans Can Sport -

Pink Fringe -

Trans Pride -

Shuyler Baylar (trans swimmer on Harvard Team) -

Fallon Fox (MMA fighter) -

The Sissy’s Progress -

Advice about reporting hate crime -

LGBT Support

Gendered Intelligence:


Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard -


See you next time.