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A wide range of topics discussed by some awesome trans (including non binary) folk, hosted by Emma Frankland of None of Us is Yet a Robot


April 11th, 2016

In this episode, Emma talks with Kate Adair - a filmmaker and vlogger from Glasgow - about transgender political candidates, coming out at work and “people being dicks”  The conversation was recorded in the heart of the incredible Buzzcut Festival - a live art and theatre festival that takes place in Govan.

Kate has previously done work with MyGenderation and BBC's The Social. She also does a lot of community work with SQIFF (Scottish Queer International Film Festival) and Lock Up Your Daughters filmmaking. She has been part of filmmaking workshops teaching skills to young trans people allowing them to tell their own stories - something which she is passionate about. She also is a co-founder of Glasgow's only Transgender Swimming group (Seahorses). 

You can find her on twitter @uhh_kate

And you can keep up to date with Emma's movements through the None of Us is Yet a Robot project at or @elbfrankland on twitter.

Opening music was by Kraftwerk and Closing music by Señor Coconut y Su Conjuto

Some people and things that we mentioned in the conversation were:

Buzzcut Festival -

Ellen Murray -


South Carolina “Bathroom Law” -

Munroe Bergdorf -


and, er.. my show! Kate refers to Rituals for Change which I had performed a couple of days before.  It’ll be touring over the next 12 months but if you are in London in a few weeks it’ll be on at the Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick from the 10th - 14th May - there’s a trailer here:


See you next time!

love and respect.